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in aurora tell us they have someone in custody. what do the police know about him? >> reporter: we don't know anything about him at this point. we just know there's one person in custody. we're being told that all indications are that this person acted by himself. they're still, of course, looking to see if there's somebody else out there, but all indications are, according to the aurora police chief, that this is just one person acting alone. >> and jace, one of the first things that struck our minds here as we watch this is this area is no stranger to mass-casualty shootings. about 19 miles, this mall from littleton, and columbine high school. this area has seen this before, jace. >> reporter: unfortunately, we have. unfortunately, this is something that this community has dealt with before. this community has had to go through. and a lot of lessons were learned from columbine and a lot of procedures were changed to make it, just to make emergency personnel be able to respond and get into a situation, into a building much faster. and we don't make a comparison to columbine lightly in
. it is 5:30 in the morning, 3:30 local time in aurora, colorado, where a gunman, we're told, walked into a movie theater during a showing of "the dark knight rises" some time after midnight and began shooting. we want to get details right away from our affiliate kusa in denver and go live there to jace larson. fill us in. >> reporter: what we know now is what we've been reporting. 14 people are dead. we're told ten of them were killed in the movie theater and four additional people were injured but taken to local hospitals and have since passed away. 50 people have been injured and are still alive. we're told that some are in serious condition, some are also in fair condition. the scene is definitely still unfolding here, so we don't have all of the information, but the numbers that we are -- just by the minute, this is really what we're learning, so we're trying to stay on top of this, but you can tell this is a very serious situation with 14 people daend some 50 injured. >> tell us what kind of crowd may have been assembled at the movie theater, at the century 16. obviously, this
jesus christ our lord, amen. [ applause ] >> impasse for of mosaic church of aurora and the community of faith. leadership matters. leadership matters when things are going well but leadership really matters in moments of tragedy and crisis. here in aurora we are blessed. we are blessed with strong, capable, caring leaders and every segment and every level of our society. we are well served. we are well led. at the top of that heap is the mayor. please welcome our mayor, steve hogan. [ applause ] >> i'd like to take a moment and introduce the members of the aurora city council, those friends that i serve with and who represent this city well. it's not just a question of my leadership. it's a question of their leadership. so i would like to introduce them individually. i'd ask them to stand. city council member debbie hunter holland. [ applause ] city council member [ applause ] city council member melissa miller. [ applause ] city council member marsha. city council member peterson. city council member molly marker. city council member brad pierce. city council member bob lageer. and
in the midst of this darkness a new day dawning here in our community of aurora. in the wake of a tragedy like this, the conversation often turns to moving on, to getting back to our daily lives. but the gospel speaks comforting words in this time of sorrow and tells us very clearly, blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. and thank you for the banner in the back, angels walk with those who grieve. [ applause ] let us mourn for those who have perished, let us grieve for the loved ones who mourn their lives. in our mourning, our lord who is the great comforter is truly present to us but we do not grief live like those who have hope. we grieve that neither life nor death can separate us from his abundant love. his abundant love is our consolation. [ applause ] and so we return to our lives, let us see in this tragedy a reminder that our lives are fleeting and that they are a precious gift. they are a gift from god, a grace and they are given to us to glorify god, both in the short time that we have on earth and forever an eternity in heaven and let us glorify god and our love f
christ our lord, amen. (applause) >> my name is read hedick chairman of the aurora community of faith. leadership matters. leadership matters when things are going well, but leadership really matters in moments of tragedy and crisis. here in aurora we are blessed. we are blessed with strong, capable leaders and every segment and every level of our society. we are wealth served -- we are well served we are well led. at the top of that heap is our mayor. please join me in thanking and welcoming our mayor stooe hogan. -- steve hogan. (applause) >> i would like to take a moment and introduce members of the aurora city council, those friends that serve with and who represent this city well. it's not just a question of my leadership. it's a question of their leadership. i would like to introduce them individually and ask them to stand. city county-by-county si-- city debbie hunter holof. city council member bob roth. city council member melissa miller. (applause) city council member marsha verslis. city councilmember redi peterson. city council member molly marcard. city council member brad
at a colorado movie theater. this is in aurora, colorado. a suburb near denver. now, the details are still sketchy. what we do know is there has been a multiple-victim shooting at a movie theater. they were showing a midnight screening of "the dark knight rises," of course, the new batman movie. as i said, this is in the denver, colorado, area. now, police are on the scene. you can see there, this is a live picture from our affiliate kusa. now, at this point, they are estimating that between 20 and 30 people have been injured. those victims have been transported to three local hospitals and there are reports that there is a suspect in custody, but what we don't know, and police have not been able to confirm if that was the only suspect in the shooting. a lot of information coming from witnesses on the scene. one of those witnesses' reports says the assailant may have been wearing a gas mask. tear gas reportedly went off in this century 16 movie theater, this in the aurora town center, following the gunfire. the witnesses also told media outlets that the bullets had passed from one theater
time. we expect a news conference from the he of police in aurora. >> justin, there is a gang unit on the scene. is that unusual? >>guest: it is unusual this early. this happened just outside of metro denver. the gang unit for denver and aurora are on the scene. it is hard to draw conclusions from that but it is unusual they would issue the units here. >> from some of the bystanders, have they said the shootings appear to be targeted because the shooters were in the movie theater? >>guest: the witnesses we spoke with looked to be random. they did not look to be aiming at anyone particular but opened fire as people were running. they were moving targets. it looks to be random. >> but landed in great detail. and now back to what you mentioned earlier in terms of the devices found in vehicles. what have authorities done to secure the scene? do they fear that, perhaps, there are other devices still out there they have not been able to locate? >>guest: well, there is perimeter around the outside of the mall and we cannot see the parking lot where the theater is. they turned the lights o
, where in a denver suburb of aurora there has been a shooting at a movie theater. they were showing "the dark knight rises," this of course being the new batman movie. and witnesses there on the scene reported that a masked gunman -- not sure if that is the only one involved -- stood up and just began shooting inside the theater. now, just imagine you're sitting there watching a movie, the terrifying scene that unfolded, and people coming out of the theater speaking with reporters, giving their account of just how horrific it was. people in the next theater saying that they heard it thinking that it was just fireworks, sound effects going off from the actual movie next door. and then according to witnesses, there was gunfire that came through the walls. that's how many shots were fired. so, as we continue, bill actually has just come in -- >> six minutes ago from "the denver post." >> yeah, "the denver post," the local newspaper there, bill just bringing this in to me, saying an unknown number of people injured when these shots rang out at movie theater. some time after 1:00 a.m., police
: this is a fox news alert. there has been a mass movie shooting in aurora, colorado. a masked gunmen killed 14 people and 50 others were hurt in the premiere movie of batman movie. the dark knight rises. he spet off a smoke bomb. he is now in police custody. >> steve: thank you for waking up with us. the brand new movie was the dark knight rises. the new episode in the batman sag a. so many people there in aurora, colorado wanted to see the movie and shortly after the sneak repreviews, according to kusa, one of the affiliates in denver, someone kicked down the emergency door and threw in a smoke bomb or tear gas and when people started running, he started shooting. >> peter: it was an exciting movie . free concessions and a lot of promotions. in the past there have been police officers stationed in the movie theater to provide safety in the aurora town center . we don't know the identity of the shooter at this time. there were reports of a second shooter thamp is now true it appears according to the chief of police. they are looking at the issue of whether there is explosives in the automobile
to the incident, that is aurora medical center in the university of colorado hospital. we'll see if there are needs for surgions. >> gretchen: it is hard it for us to know the chaos. we showed cell phone video that really demonstrated that chaos. have you brought in people to try to ease some of the nerves, too? i imagine there might be medical issues as well. >> we have brought in our team to be on stand by for the family members. and we are not currently expecting more patients. most patients were sent to the aurora medical center or university of colorado. we are always on standby to be able to handle family and any calls that came n. we had calls from parents looking for their children who might have been in the movie theater tonight. >> steve: can you give us an example of the extent of the injuries. people are just waking up. terrible shooting in the movie thethary and 14 people killed and at least 50 people injured . we hear some were shot at point blank including the baby. the nature of the injuries at swedish has been what? >> we cannot speak on behalf of the other hospi
escaped death. live from aurora where they are preparing for a vigil as well this evening. i imagine people coming together will find comfort as best they can. >> reporter: they going to try to. we are going to see all levels of the state try to come together. we will see the governor, mayor, victims, first responders, family members trying to take the first step of healing. what we are also seeing and hearing from the people who actually survived this shooting is extraordinary tales of heroism. we met a man who took three different fragments, three different guns are in his body. pierce o-ferrill believes there must be a higher power because he has lived to talk about it and that he says he came within just inches of the gunman. >> i felt him literally standing right above me. i mean, his boot couldn't have been no more than six inches away from my head. >> reporter: he was six inches from you? >> he was standing right above me. >> reporter: are you angry at him? >> no. i can sit across the table from him and look him in the eye and just talk to him. >> reporter: and it's really jus
to help maximize calcium absorption. so caltrate women can move the world. >> president obama in aurora, colorado today to visit the victims of fries brutal movie theater massacre. accused killer james holmes set to appear in court tomorrow morning. day one of what is sure to be a long legal process, but tonight is about the victims the 12 that tragic lee clr lives and dozens more injured in one of the most deadliest shootings in u.s. history. hello i am judge jeanine pirro. this is part 2 of our special report on the colorado movie massacre. we are here with breaking news and we have with us adam housley. adam, are you with us? >> yes, june janeane. we are here to tell you about what's happening behind me. there have been a number of memorials over the last couple days the big one is taking place right now just begun after the president gave those words. he spoke for about 10 minutes or so talking about one story of incredible survival. we have heard a number of those stories. he talked about going to the hospital and giving people hugs and going here not just as the president but as a
details on a breaking story out of aurora, colorado, this morning. a scary situation. a suburban denver movie theater apparently, there's been a mass shooting. what we're hearing from police so far. there are a number of casualties already. >> yes, the aurora police have confirmed with abc news, 20 injuries, ten confirmed dead that we know of now. one suspect has been taken into custody, believed that there's one more suspect that is on the loose. again, this was at the premiere of "the dark knight returns," new batman movie that so many folks were lined up to see last night. a mass shooting at the movie theater outside denver, colorado, in aurora. >> a scary situation here. in case you're waking up, it was the century 16 movie theater there. a suburb of denver. apparently theaters 8 and 9. this according to aurora police here. again, as you can imagine, a quickly developing story here. we don't have many of the detai releas the police which we do expect momentarily here. again, suspect in custody. cf1& do expect momentarily here. again, suspect in custody. cf1& 20 injuries. b startin
and especially from the aurora police department to this incident. i want to thank the u.s. attorney's offense and attorney general's office for their support. with this many victims, we have two concerns. one is providing information that they need and providing resources that they need. we will at this point in time victims should be contacting the aurora police department and they should be looking for resources on the aurora police department website. as the case goes to court next week, they can contact -- we have set up a contact e-mail account so that we can get information out as quickly as possible. we also have resources available on our website and i want to say that the aurora mental health center has agreed to stay open 24 hours a day for this weekend. people may find now and they may have a problem tomorrow. they may have a problem next week. they may have a problem several months down the line, but they should seek some counseling or resources if they've been victims. it's to be expected. if there are financial issues, that should not stop them. they should contact us for financ
'm don lemon. we're live tonight in aurora, colorado, where that very touching memorial service just wrapped up. the people of aurora, colorado, galvanized by their collective grief in the face of this terrible tragedy. this evening they gathered as one community, and they shared their sadness. thousands of aurora residents, their mayor, and their a governor got together to remember the 12 people killed in friday's movie theater massacre. to see their faces and hear their names. >> micayla medek. >> we will remember. >> veronica moser-sullivan. >> we will remember. >> alex sullivan. >> we will remember. >> alexander teves. >> we will remember. >> and rebecca wingo. >> and the mayor also tonight of aurora speaking about his community, saying he did not want to talk about the suspect in all of this. this was a tribute to the families, to the people who lost their lives, to those who were injured. >> tonight we honor loved ones no longer with us. tonight we support the survivors. tonight we reach out to each other and love each other and love our neighbors and demonstrate what it means
theater in a mall in the denver suburb of aurora. also 50 others wounded coming from police here. this happened during the premier of the new batman movie. what you are taking a look at right now are pictures from a helicopter there over the scene of that theater that is actually inside of a shopping mall there. police and ambulances have been out there throughout the overnight hours. can you still see a few police cars out there. but at last report, they still have the parking lot closed off as they were continuing to make sure there were no problems there. a witness says he was watching the movie when he heard several explosions and people started running from the theater. one suspect is in custody right now. we have heard reports that another one is still on the loose. we also heard from police that at this time, they do not have evidence of a second gunman. we are still continuing to figure out what that -- the information on that. we will continue to follow this story throughout the morning hours. and it continues to develop this morning. >> we are getting all kind of inform
people in aurora. after that deadly rampage that killed 12 people. tonight there's going to be a vigil for the victims. abc 2 news is there tonight live from the buckley air force space in aurora. the president landed about an hour ago. what's the atmosphere like in aurora? >> reporter: it is very somber here in aurora. in fact, buckley air force is only a mile away. today police chief dan oats and the mayor of aurora was on hand. they were here today to greet the president. they went with him as they were meeting with family member. the mayor of aurora said it certainly means a lot that the president cares. the president's stay here in colorado is a short one. 2.5 hours. does not appear he will make any public appearances to address what happened. we can tell you that the president is wanting to meet with them very privately. he does not want any media there. maybe the white house press photographer there. that's it. the president really wants to meet with the families. he said he did not want to stay here for the vigil. he wanted the community to heal. >> i was going to ask you, wh
colleague and the leader of the fellow bunch of heroes, the firefighters in the city of aurora, chief mike garcia would like to make a few remarks. mike? >> thank you, dan. i'd just like to make three brief points on behalf of the aurora fire department. the first is our heart felt condolences go out to the families and the victims. this senseless and shameless act of violence. we truly feel for the families and victims and our prayers are with you. the second point i'd like to make is how proud i am of our firefighters. what's gone by the last 48 hours, the last couple days, it just is mind boggling for me. i really don't know what to say or how to say it but the professionalism, the courage of our firefighters is just remarkable. i'm very proud of you. job well done. but it takes more than just firefighters. it takes a team. in aurora, it begins with our dispatchers. it's the police. it's rural metro. it's the hospitals. and it's courageous citizens that stepped up that night. we could not have done this by ourselves. any fire chief will tell you, you have limited resources. no matter ho
'm randi kaye. it is 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. 4:00 a.m. here on aurora, colorado, where this small town and the entire country are united in shock and grief. joyful, excited fans had packed a movie theater here for what they thought would be a night of fun. but for 12 people, it would be the last night of their lives. over the next weeks and month, we will hear more about suspected shooter james holmes. there will likely be court appearances, charges, and perhaps a trial. it will be holmes who makes headlines. a name you'll hear over and over. and usually it is the suspected killer that gets most of the attention. eric harris and dylanical icalk. anders behring breivik. today is the one-year anniversary of that mass killing. but names we should be hearing are those of the victims. we want to start this morning remembering those who lost their lives friday morning as told by the people they left behind. >> not surprising to me that his first thought would be her. that's what a man does. he protects his loved ones. i'm very proud of him. we're going to miss him. >> just a great kid. talen
this is the "cbs evening news." with jeff glor reporting tonight from aurora, colorado. >> glor: and good evening, everyone. the movie theater complex behind us here in the denver suburbs is quiet tonight. police have completed their search of the theater where the shooting spree occurred. besides the 12 people killed during the midnight screening of the new batman movie, another 58 were injured, most by gunfire. seven of the wounded remain in critical condition at local hospitals. the alleged gunman, 24-year-old james eagan holmes, is in the county jail, reportedly in solitary confinement for his own safety. his first court appearance is scheduled for monday morning. today, police began their search of his apartment after detonating an explosive device holmes had left inside, and authorities say that video shows him picking up a shipment of 150 pounds of ammunition. and new pictures of holmes have emerged as well. in a summer lab program for pre-med college students in san diego where he grew up. that was six years ago. we have a team of correspondents working this story tonight, looking at thos
in aurora with the information for us. >> when you read the cover of the denver post the local paper says it all. this is a bit strange my home town aurora, colorado. wint to high school 8 miles from this theater at smoky hills high school. i can tell everyone is indeed hurting. that is the mood. people are starting to tufrn the page starting to rally together come together and try to move on. not be angry not be vengeful but to show the best of humans in the wake of this tragedy. they had the vigil last night hundreds of people gathering together to honor the victims not just the 12 killed in if the shooting at the midnight show the other night but also the 58 injured. after every name the name was called the crowd cheered. they are saying we are not going to be defeated by one crazy gunman. we are not going to change who we are. we are going to come together. we are going to be together, pray and honor those victims. after this vigil the governor and mayor of colorado steve hogan talked about that mind set one of their towns coming together. the state has a lot of spirit. here's what th
comienza es el ambiente que reina en aurora >>poco a poco comienza el proceso de restaurancion de las familias de los fallecidos y sobrevivienetes en aurora >>hoy hubo una vigilia donde se proclamó que las víctimas no será olvidadas >>miles se reunieron en aurora, barak obama llego a ofrece sus palabras >>los nombres de las víctimas fueron nombrado uno a uno las personas que llegaron en honor a los fallecidos colocaron su mirada hacia el aire, los habitantes de aurora recobran poco a poco la normalidad aseguran que se levantarán de la tragedia >>nos levantaremos de nuevo como en la noche negra porque somos de colorado >>el mandatario paso dos horas conversando también con los sobrevivientes >>mi llegada es como representante de una nación para dejarles saber que estamos pensando en ellos. >james holmes llego como si fuera parte del film irrupiendo en una sala de cine y comenzar a disparr >>uno no se explica como la mente escapa y comete locuras de estas naturaleza >>muchos colocaron pancartas diciendo qque las víctimas no serían olvidadas >>james holmes trató de ingresar a u
to be this apartment building in aurora. local and federal authorities entered the home approximately 90 minutes ago. the president released a statement saying, quote, michelle and i are shocked and saddened by the horrific and tragic shooting in colorado. federal and local law enforcement are still responding. my administration will do everything we can do to support the people of aurora in this extraordinarily difficult time. we are committed to bringing whoever was responsible to justice, ensuring the safety of our people and caring for those who have been wounded. mitt romney released a statement. ann and i are saddened by the news of the senseless violence that took the lives of 15 people in colorado and injured dozens more. we are praying for the families and loved ones of the victim during this time of shock and grief. we expect the person responsible for the terrible crime will be brought to justice. both romney and the obama campaigns say the candidates will go on with events but expect shortened remarks and attention -- both of them will bring attention to the colorado tragedy. warner brot
in aurora, colorado. the witnesses say a canister was tossed into the crowded theater. that let out some kind of smoke or gas. the gunman dressed in black and wearing goggles and a protective vest then opened fire. police say that shooter is in custody. he was downtown in the parking lot of the shopping center. he made a statement he has explosives in his home so right now officers are checking out that location and also continuing to search the movie theater for any other material that may be there. trauma centers in the area dealing with a mass casualty emergency. >> it sounded like madness, to me. she said that a man about six feet tall, taller than her, kicked through door and he was in -- she said a riot helmet. she said he was -- had a bullet proof vest on. you know, she said that he was completely covered in all black with goggles. and she said that after that point, when she saw that he was holding a shotgun, they -- her and her boyfriend dropped to the floor and just kind of started to crawl to see if they could get away. when she turned around, all she saw was the guy slowly ma
at this aurora theater and threw in a smoke canister before allegedly unleashing a spray of gun fire on unsuspecting movie goers. >> you just hear this gun fire. somebody tried to get up and run away. he would just shoot them. he just shot people left and right. >> reporter: sources say that the suspect was 24-year-old james holmes. he evacuated his apartment complex after the suspect allegedly made comments about explosives. >> our investigation determined that his apartment is booby trapped with various explosives and chemical devices and trip wires. it may be resolved in hours or days. >> reporter: as the investigation into the crime continues, the community is rallying together. >> we have taken a blow today, we will get back on our feet. we will move ahead. >> reporter: the president held a moment of silence and called for a day of prayer and reflection. >> it's -- the reminder that the -- life is very fragile. our time here, is limited and it's precious. >> reporter: holmes could be in court as early as monday. >> police are patrolling movie theaters around the bay area to
y ahora nos a xaefrn ccompaÑa con el as >> la comunidad de aurora no sale de su asombrÓ han pasado 4 dÍas de la masacre y muchos consternados pero se respira un aire de esperanza, los residentes de aurora son fuertes ya comenzaron a sanar las heridas y se van a levantar muy pron pronto. >> en esta iglesia latina todas las oraciones para las vÍctimas de aurora, vino de guatemala hace 19 aÑos, se quedÓ en aurora dice porque aquÍ la gente es de buen corazÓn. >> es una comunidad muy unida y buscan siempre la unidad, siempre buscan el ambiente, son personas muy alegres. >> conocer de la masacre fue un duro golpe para todos. >> realmente me duele el corazÓn saber como la iglesia nos pusimos a llorar esa situaciÓn tan triste. >> pero el crimen no es la regla si no la excepciÓn dice christina lÍder de un grupo de oraciÓn. >> se nos hizo un lugar muy pacÍfico. >> un sentimiento que comparten miles de personas que ayer llegaron a la vigilia en el corazÓn de aurora. >> honor raen las vidas demasia prontos. >> estamos afectados en la comunidad de aurora todas las banderas estÁn en
with remembering the victims. more than 10,000 people gathered in aurora, colorado, last night to pay tribute to and honor the 12 dead and dozens others injured in the theater shooting that happened early friday morning. president obama was also in aurora sunday. all this as the community prepares for its first glimpse of the 24-year-old shootingsusp hearing in just a few hours from now. nbc's jay gray reports from aurora. ♪ >> reporter: shattered city. struggles to begin picking up the pieces. >> the pain is still raw and the healing has yet to begin. >> reporter: thousands gathered for a citywide memorial in aurora, united for the first time since the massacre. >> tonight is also a time to honor those who died as heroes. >> reporter: bound together by the tragedy -- >> john blunk, jessie childress. >> reporter: but the strength comes in numbers, not nearly enough to overcome the pain and raw emotions from so much and so many lost. earlier in the day president obama shared the sorrows and compassion of the nation with survivors and families of the victims. >> i had a chance to get folks so
. a shooting at a theater overnight at the showing of "the dark knight rises" that happened in aurora, colorado. a suburb of denver. dozens of police and firefighters are on the scene right now. our affiliate is following the story, everyone following the story now. we have reports of multiple deaths. we are working to confirm that. we know it was a multiple shooting of "the dark knight rises." aurora, colorado is about nine miles east of denver. local hospitals reporting patients are on the scene. they have been told to prepare for as many as 20. we were listening in just now as they were talking to some local folk there's who witnessed this horrific scene inside. they said they were hearing noises, but "the dark knight" is one of those movies where there is a lot of shooting, so they weren't sure if it was the movie. there were reports of smoke, perhaps an explosion and one witness was just telling us that he did see some people hunched over apparently who had been shot. we are trying to get as many details on this story as possible for you. we have jackie montgomery, a spokesperson, universi
in aurora, colorado at the century 16 movie theater nine miles east of denver during a late-night showing of "the dark knight rises." there are reports of multiple deaths. we are working to confirm that. we can give you some sound from a witness at the scene. >> four, maybe five people that were limping, wounded, slightly bloody. the most that i saw was a girl who was pretty much covered in blood, she didn't have any wounds on her. so, it kind of -- it made me think the worst. >> you've got a lot of horrible images in your mind right now. you said you saw a little girl? >> yeah. i don't know whose little girl that was. my heart goes out to them. i hope they're okay. i hope that, you know, the little girl is okay and she recovers and everything. but a cop came walking through the front door before everyone was cleared up and before everything was under control, a cop came walking through the door holding a little girl in his arms. she wasn't moving. i had heard another witness in my theater, someone else i was talking to before the movie, we were waiting in line for it, she was on the phon
. here's what we know. the massacre took place at the century 16 movie complex in aurora, colorado, a suburb of denver. at this moment the local police chief says 12 people are dead. the nub fluctuated throughout the morning. at least 50 are wounded. here's how it happened. before 12:30 a.m. local time federal officials say a gunman armed with an assault rifle and two handguns came in through a theater exit. nbc confirmed that the suspect is 24-year-old james holmes. two witnesses that were inside the theater 9 described what happened next on nbc station kusa. >> he threw one gas -- like one teargas thing. >> landed in the row in front of us, hit the girl in front of us. then they exploded. >> he threw another one. >> yeah. >> i think that went to the right of us. >> did you see him starting to shoot people at that point? >> he actually waited. he looked so calm when he did it. it was, like, scary. he waited for the bombs both to explode before he even made any move. then after both of them exploded he began to shoot. >> the first shot was in the air. after that he started shooting
there in aurora, colorado are looking at an apartment. they seem to be poking through a window, and i was looking at the video a little bit earlier, way long stick and an apparatus at the end. what's the procedure they're going through, from what you're aware of? >> yeah, having been involved in these type of searches before, if there is any thought that the apartment may be trapped, the primary booby trap is likely to be on the first floor. that's the last one they want to go through, and that's why they're trying to clear this window, see if they can get in that way, see if there is any booby traps or weapons so they can actually get into the apartment. >> is there any approach or process behind the way they were looking through his car, or what they thought to be his car in the parking lot. the video we were receiving from the chopper cam there, it looks like they have completely taken it apart. >> well, and that's a good place to take it apart, too. you've got a large open area that you can control. if there is a blast, it's not going to be contained in a closed-in building. you would rather
at a movie theatre in aurora. the gunman entered an emergency door after midnight, left some tear gas and started shooting. at least 12 people are dead, 50 hurt, and those numbers are fluctuating as new information comes in. we will keep you updated on that. police say they have a suspect in custody, and federal officials describe him as 24-year-old james holmes, and right now local and federal authorities are on the scene at what's believed to be the suspect's apartment. meanwhile, witnesses are describing the horrific scene. >> the young girl that i saw when i first came out, i want to know that she's okay because she looked pretty bad. she was -- she looked real hurt and she was pretty young, you know. i just want to know that she's all right. >> as far as i could see, there was a lot of kids there, like 12-year-old kids, 14-year-old kids. there was a 6-year-old there that got shot. when i went in there and i was trying to escape, there was a little girl who was like, i don't know, 12, 14, just laying lifeless on the stairs. >> i'm furious about the person that done this. i don't u
is different, of course it has to be in light of the horrific shootings in aurora, colorado. a senseless, cowardly act was the news we awoke to. a theater is usually a place to escape from reality, but for the people packed in a movie theater in aurora, they confronted the harsh and savage reality of a person who planned to inflict as much carnage as possible on totally innocent and unsuspecting strangers, this is impossible to understand except we live in a world where there's evil. i work and talk radio and tv news, and going nonstop with the story, whether there's anything new to report or not, grabbed the attention and speculation with the coverage and when there's nothing new to tell. the options are repeat what you know or bring on people who speculate and why it happened. the truth is, we simply don't know, why any person would reach deep enough into the forces of darkness, to decide to kill innocent people, simply watching a movie. we just don't know. but because it's so very out of the ordinary, we turn a hot spotlight and then we bring it to you, around the clock. and well, her
>> a fox urgent. we are awaiting comments from president obama here in aurora, colorado as the city shattered by the unthinkable comes together. i'm jon scott in aurora. president obama expected to address the community this hour and we'll bring it to you live. mr. obama arriving a few moments ago, meeting with families of members killed in the movie theater. a planned vigil to honor the lives lost and more investigating of suspect james holmes, there has been no rest. they continued collecting evidence today, a day after disarming the apartment where he lived. police saying it was set up to kill or seriously injury whom ever entered. i spoke with police chief daniel oats earlier about effort to preserve the evidence. >> that was extremely high priority over the last two days, we wanted the evidence in that, inside that apartment and we've taken custody of the computer, the potential that we might get evidence out that have computer is, well, it's very important to us, but, every ounce of evidence will just help us hold this person accountable. so, it was a very, very hi
set for tomorrow. adam housley is live in aurora outside holmes' apartment, adam. >> yeah, jon, the investigation here is basically done and we'll talk more about that in moment and we're learning more, including the time as a summer counselor back in los angeles in 2008 and in fact, pictures that come in to us courtesy of tmz, at that time they went and talked to some of the people that worked at the camp back then in 2008 and basically say the same story, that james holmes hung out with other camp counselors and really no issues and everyone thought he was a normal guy, kind of quiet in charge of ten kids and the kids seemed to like him and no issues at all during his time at the summer camp and of course that would change four or five years later and we come back here live at the location and show you a little more what's going on here, to my right, you can see the complex evacuated. no one is allowed back inside and other surrounding buildings people have been allowed back inside. at this hour there's remnants of some stuff he was using inside of his apartment that he used
as another memorial where the people of aurora will probably get together for days to come here. let's go back to the service that just wrapped up. i want to bring in my colleague. you were there. you experienced it. it was very emotional, looking at the pictures of the children crying when the mayor and the governor mentioned all the people who had helped out and the people who had survived the shooting. you couldn't help -- your heart couldn't help but breaking by watching those people because they were crying. again, they were comforted by the folks who were around them. >> yeah, and when you look at those faces and you see the wide range of the faces here in this crowd, you really get a sense of the heart of this community. aurora, colorado, is a diverse community. it's filled with people who are older, people who are young. people brought their children here because they wanted to create a collective force against that very, very ugly event that happened at the theater. now, this is just wrapping up behind me. this hymn they ended on was "amazing grace." you could feel this emotional
in the denver suburb of aurora this afternoon. jon, to you. >> reporter: we will get to some details on the booby trapped apartment in just a moment. right now in the theater auditorium behind me the coroner's team has begun the grim and unpleasant job of removing the ten bodies of those who died there inside the theater. two others as you know died in area hospitals. they have started to remove the bodies. we understood -- we heard an ambulance come here about 20 to 25 minutes ago. lights and sirens blaring. whether they were part of the coroner's team we do not know. it was just after midnight when the mayhem started. take a listen to one who survived the carnage. >> i seen people frantically running out and scene people shot and they were bleeding all over and i seen other people helping others and seen them bring out a couple little kids and stuff like that. >> reporter: i spoke to a long time friend of mine a member of the aurora police force, a member of the s.w.a.t. team in past years who said that he has talked to other s.w.a.t. team members who were here last night. they are
as 24-year-old james holmes who lived in aurora. as we just told us, his home is booby-trapped at this time. they are right now trying to work to disarm some flammable or explosive material that is inside that apartment. there is a live look for you right now as they continue to work to do this. police say the gunman wore a bulletproof vest. also a gas mask as he detonated gas canisters and opened fire on a crowded theater early this morning in colorado. cell phone video shows the chaos is terrified moviegoers come out of the movie plots. here now, are the sites and sounds of this nightmare. >> there are explosions behind me and i thought it was just a normal practical joke. >> there are people shot right now. there are people running out of fear that her shot. >> guys come running in, running through the theaters and the exit and he is like, don't go out in the lobby. someone is shooting people out there. >> one of my friends got scammed by a bullet on the neck. he is okay. he was at the hospital. another one of my friends just got a bullet slammed him in him on the le
in the theater that i had bought tickets to. >> horror and tragedy in aurora, colorado, this morning after a mass shooting at a batman movie premiere. so far, 12 dead. and 38 injured. as a community searching for answers. a special edition of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. >>> hello, everyone. i'm in for carol costello. we welcome viewers from around the world watching on cnn international. a night at the movies turned into a night of terror for moviegoers in colorado after a gunman opens up a rampage. and here is the latest of what we know. gunshots erupted just outside of denver in an aurora, colorado, theater during an early morning screening of "the dark knight rises." that is the new batman movie. 12 people are dead, 28 more wounded. a 3-month-old baby is among the wounded. police have a suspect in custody, a young man. a witness saw that man burst into the theater. >> somebody kicked in the emergency exit and started throwing gas grenade sais and started shooting people at random. >> was it movie theater number nine? >> number nine, which is the one i was in. >> what did you do? >> at fir
shooter. we know that he lived and worked in aurora, colorado. he was armed with a semiautomatic rifle, a shotgun and two handguns. as we had sent him he had loads of ammunition back at his apartment. now, we also have learned that he did not have a concealed weapons permit. he had no hunting or fishing licenses. he had no connection to the military and is not on any of the terror watch lists. his parents live in san diego. light cameras were on his parents house all morning long. his father walked out, his mother walked out and confirmed that that was her son saying yes, you have the right person. i need to call police, the need to fly out to colorado. as we learn more about the suspect, we will bring it to you. the victims -- we have now learned that the six-year-old girl who was shot and wounded, her father has confirmed to a fox affiliate that she passed away. we believe that she is still among the 12 who were shot and killed. therefore, it does not raise the death toll. another victim has also been identified as jessica. she is known as jessica redfield. she's a sports in for in t
the compassion and the love every day in our country, and we saw it pour out in aurora, colorado, for an unspeakable situation. when there is violence, we have to help the victims. and only the senate bill, the senate violence against women act, the leahy-crapo bipartisan senate bill affords protection to all of our people. and so what we're saying to speaker boehner is please, hear our plea. this isn't about the senate saying it's any better than the house. what we are saying is on a bipartisan way, we figured out a bill that will protect everybody. and we are asking you to pick up that bill and pass it. there's some technical issues, a blue-slip question. we've studied that and what did we find out? those technical problems can be overcome in five seconds. so there's no reason why the house cannot pick up and pass the senate bill. the safety of women across the country, the safety of all of our communities is at stake. and it's time we pass it. in closing, i would say this. vice president biden is a wonderful human being, and he could not sit back when he was in the senate and
on the shocking tragedy still unfolding at aurora, colorado. president obama arrived there late today to express his sorrow and concern for victims, their families and a shaken community. the president will speak from aurora later tonight. kate snowe has been on the scene since friday and she joins us to lead our coverage of the theater shooting. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you lester from aurora, colorado where the investigation into the suspect james holmes has taken several new turns but tonight this focus here in this field behind me where a vigil is being held is on the victims of this senseless tragedy. 12 people killed, 58 more wounded. at this hour 24 remain in the hospital, nine of them in critical condition. tonight the president is mourning along with the families who suffered overwhelming loss. miguel, good evening. >> the president has arrived here in aurora to meet with first responders and the victims. the vigils here are growing larger as the community comes together. ♪ >> reporter: on a day of prayer and reflection a community torn apart by violence comes togeth
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